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Abundance is much more than just money.  Earning Sukriti is something you use to feed your heart, mind and soul during your lifetime here on Earth and earns you rewards much greater and more valuable than our monetary needs in this existence.  Sukriti earns you inner peace, strength, knowingness & soul realization to your Higher Consciousness Self through the elevation of your energetic vibration and awakening to your divine purpose here on Earth to discover and explore your own true nature, a member of the Family of Light.

The Family of Light World Peace Ministres (FOL) was founded by Joya Comeaux in 1993.  Its purpose is to create Spirituality in Business through combining good marketing &  business practices and life skills with a target on utilizing and promoting a higher consciousness higher collective vibration menatality in the way we make money and make a difference in the world. Family of Light Members build relationships and collaborations.

Every business needs marketing. and WE feel that impactful media & fun, experienctial events are the best source of outreach.  FOL established as a collaboration for media makers to co-create a media outreach for Peace & Nonviolence.

WE believe that Word of Mouth advertising is still the best and most effective way of sharing media and events with each other. Creating community through film and fun are a powerful way to co-create outreach with like-minded partnerships that are a Win Win for all.

Of course, social media and marketing techniques are important in the process, and therefore, FOL co-creates and utilizes many streams and processes for community building and local outreach, including digital magazines, zooms, meetups and many more avenues for sustainable ENERGY via action and momentum of SPECIAL EVENTS  that gather groups together for fun and profit via interactive educational interactions like:  cooking shows, film festivals, abundance conferences, wellness expos, etc. etc., all with the intention of individuals earning SUKRITI in this lifetime starting with the gainig of INNER PEACE via the path of NONVIOLENCE experiential education in the form of four sub-pathways that promote VEGANISM; Spiritual COMMUNITY in the form of divine energy workers & higher consciousness spirituality in business collaborations and manifestations; WELLNESS in the form of alternative and natural health resources such as business and marketing opportunities, shared frequency medicine technology and food as medicine cooperations; and most importantly... INVESTING time, money and energy into making a difference while making money.  Therefore, we invite you to join our FREE mailing list so that you can keep abreast of all of our valuable experiential learning & enlightenment focued upcoming events. 



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by Joya Comeaux, Founder Family of Light WorldPeace Ministries (FOL)

History and Background

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