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ABOUT is a unique & different type of Membership business ownership model designed to support all aspects of women's lifestyle and women's health.  Our services are offered to both men & women, and at the same time promote women entrepreneurship through mentorship, franchise ownership, lifestyle support, networking, wellness education, Self-Healing Modalities & the promotion of global oneness & Abundance for All.



Our Wellness Referral Network

Our Membership Model allow women to become business owners with as little as 0 money down:

Our is a referral program which affords women (and men) the opportunity to earn money for their global "word of mouth" advertising.


Our Wellness Coaches

Women that would like to become a certified Wellness Coach can do so for a yearly investment of $360, which gives them access to our global marketing and promo network.


E2 Franchise Mentors + Partners

Women and Men that would like to support women can join us in collaboration and Wellness as a VIP Partner for $1008 per month.


Share Space in Wellness Collectives

Our Temecula Wellness Collective is accepting applications for a private office in our space for $1800 month.


Become an E2 Lifetime Member

Women can become a Global E2 Basic Member for an upfront investment of $10,800.


Our Wellness Franchisees

Women that would like to own their own Franchise can do so for an upfront investment of $108,000.


Our by Territory

Women can own their own E2 Territory and Location for an upfront investment of $360,000.

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