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Fri, May 12


The Giving Tree Cafe

FREQUENCY FRIDAY - Organic Plant Based Fine-Dining Circle Club

MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL - TWO FOR ONE when you bring a Mom or non-vegan friend. Learn to Activate & Stimulate your body's ability to Self-Heal. In this Chef David of the Giving Tree Cafe's Fine-Dining experience, we focus on the benefits of organic food, specifically medicinal MUSHROOMS!

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FREQUENCY FRIDAY - Organic Plant Based Fine-Dining Circle Club
FREQUENCY FRIDAY - Organic Plant Based Fine-Dining Circle Club

Time & Location

May 12, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM MST

The Giving Tree Cafe, 2024 N 7th St #111, Phoenix, AZ 85006, USA


About the event


"Vegan AbunDANCE Circle Club" Love-Based Food & Frequency Medicine

What you will learn/experience/share and enjoy:

  • What is Frequency Medicine and How does it relate to Love-Based Food?
  • What does Self-Nourishment and AbunDANCE Mean To You?
  • What are the medicinal benefits of Magical, Mystical Mu?hrooms?


P R E   A P P E T I Z E R - Eash Participant shall receive a customized 8 minute Bemer Session - Click here to see what the Bemer does inside your body!

BEMER Frequency 

Bemer (Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator) electromagnetic field is the pulsed low frequency (0,1–150 Hz) magnetic field therapy. It stimulates the immune system, the body's self-regulatory mechanisms, neutralizes acid in the body (normalizes pH) and promotes tissue regeneration.

Bemer Enhanced Blood Flow Session Our STARTER is a session on the Bemer, a patented, FDA Registered Class II Medical Device that in 8 minutes enhances blood flow for up to 12-18 hours. In this session you will be encouraged to meditate and calm your mind from the stress of the day into a place of acceptance for the organic culinary and medicinal experience that awaits you. What is the Bemer and What does it do inside the Body?

M E N U  - Fine Dining Five-Course Plant Based High Vibration "Magical, Mystical, Mysterious, Medicinal World of Fantastic Fungi" paired with Appertiffs presented and narrated by Chef David - Click here to see an every day  "Night at Giving Tree Cafe  with Chef David" on our YouTube Channel


In physics, the number of waves that pass a fixed point in unit time; also, the number of cycles or vibrations undergone during one unit of time by a body in periodic motion.  Ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies. What is it that these nutrients from “once living” sources offer? The right resonance frequency.

Chef David's Intro and Fantastic Fungi Frequency Presentation "LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD" - Hippocrates All dishes 100% organic, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. One of the fastest-rising supplement categories today is mushrooms. Traditional Chinese practice has used mushrooms for thousands of years to treat various ailments, detoxify the body, and provide overall well-being and longevity. Modern science has recently unraveled the mystery behind how these fungi work to help support memory, focus, immune function, energy, and even reduce anxiety and inflammation. Chef David presents his culinary expertise with these magical and medicinal high frequency vibrations.

1st Course 

Chef David's Specialty Elixir Aperitif Cordyceps mushroom and raspberry elixir. Our bodies are electric. Now that your blood is flowing let's begin by getting your Taste Buds prepared with Chef David's soothing, delicious and medicinal specialty Elixir Aperitif. Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms: - improving energy levels - balancing blood sugar - supporting athletic performance - supporting sexual function

Shitake Mushroom Pate" Chef David's Shitake Mushroom Pate' is prepared and marinated overnight to enhance merging of flavors and is served with an assortment of hand-made from scratch artisan breads and crackers. Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms worldwide. They are prized for their rich, savory taste and diverse health benefits. Compounds in shiitake may help fight cancer, boost immunity, and support heart health.

2nd Course

Melong Spring Roll Green Curry Wrap stuffed with cucumber, roasted squash, basil, mint, cilantro and Mekong (Vietnamese) dipping Sauce and Mango Salsa Eating an organic plant-based diet can not only extend your life, but it can give your body what it needs to Self-Heal.

3rd Course

Vibrant Golden Dream Elixir Golden Beet and Golden Milk with Chaga Elixir Another fabulous High Frequency Elixir to clean your palette and enjoy the flavors and medicinal properties of organic beets, turmeric and chaga mushrooms. Chaga mushrooms are a superfood that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. They provide support to the digestive system, help fight inflammation and oxidative stress, manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and contain several anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric can aid digestion. It does wonders for our digestive systems because it can stimulate the gallbladder which then releases bile. It is an anti-inflammatory, can improve liver function, is a natural antiseptic, a natural pain killer, anti-depressant and so much more!

Gourmet Enzyme Packed Salad Beets, Arugula, Spicy Cheese, pepitas, in avocado boat. A Mélange of Vibrant Colors and Textures start out our exploration of high-frequency art that will encompass the benefits of eating organic as experienced, explained and presented throughout the evening by Chef David.

4th Course

King Oyster Mushroom Scallops Braised Oyster Mushroom Scallops over Spaghetti Squash Nest with Arugula, Garlic and Thyme with Date Thyme glaze. King Oyster Mushrooms may help Improve Blood Sugar and ‘Fullness’ Levels; May Help To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels; and are a significant source of a unique amino acid called ergothioneine. Recent research has established that blood levels of ergothioneine tend to fall with age. Also, some studies have noted that low levels appear to be associated with several chronic diseases and cognitive decline.

5th Course

Reishi Mushroom Cacao Elixir Reishi Mushroom Cacao Elixir Ending the exotic concoctions of the evening with Reishi mushrooms, we must also give tribute to another force of nature, Cacao. Reishi mushroom is a popular fungus used in Eastern medicine, which could help boost the immune system. This fungus may also be able to decrease the size and number of tumors in certain types of cancer, as well as improve the quality of life for some people with cancer. Amazing Health Benefits of Cacao: 1. Cacao enhances cognitive function and boosts mental health ... 2. Cacao contains antioxidants to manage oxidative stress ... 3. Cacao supports overall cardiovascular health ... 4. Cacao reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes ... 5. Cacao contains the natural stimulant theobromine to boost energy ... 6. Cacao is a mood-enhancing aphrodisiac ... 7. Cacao can improve overall skin health ... 8. Cacao can help prevent cancer

Hand-Crafted Gourmet Chocolate Dessert Chocolate Mint Tarte with Date Snickers Pieces Of course, we must, we must, WE MUST increase our CHOCOLATE! Chef David shall dazzle us with his hand-made from scratch Medicinal Chocolate and High Frequency Sweet Celebration!

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