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What is a BioCharger?


Your Body is Electric!

So Get Ready for This...


Tesla-Based BioCharger...

Clears, Heals and Rejuvenates.

It's like an electromagnetic hosing down of your entire electromagnetic system, which:

  • Optimizes and Recharges your Cells

  • Clears the Static in your head and field, which restores Calmness & Centeredness for better Mental Performance & Emotional Strength

  • Breaks up Spike Proteins and many other unwanted Foreign Objects

Amplify Energy, Vibration and Intentions by way of Phoenix's hottest Tesla Tech --- The BioCharger.  BioCharged group meditation improves health and raises collective consciousness all in one sitting. 

Frequency Medicine and BioCharged Awareness combines with the power of Tesla tech, heart-based meditation and the quantum field to amplify Energy, Vibration and Intentions.   When Biocharging most experience a flow state created by Tesla longitudinal waves, PEMF frequencies, breathing coherence and collective alignment with Source.  We invite you to experience one or more of these spiritual and health related ongoing Biocharger group and private sessions and organized events. *  

*If you are new to working with energy, please limit BioCharger exposure to 120 minutes over a- 3 day period.  Sensitive types may want to keep a safe distance away (approx. 8 feet or more) from this transformative technology.


Let’s Work Together

If you would like to collaborate, purchase, book a session, or become a partner, get in touch so we can work together.

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